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Anonymous said:

What are your opinions on immigration? Now I know a lot of people say that immigrants built this country but I'm talking about Asian immigration. Leaving behind their over developed country, coming americas and rarely employing different races??


COME ONE, COME ALL: JOURNEY INTO THE MIND OF A FUCKING IDIOT a painful conversation by KingJaffeJoffer and alllovehastooffer

So after the above anon message, the author, who turned out to be alllovehastooffer emailed me and we had a conversation about Asians in the United States. 

By the time the conversation was over, she revealed herself to be someone who thinks Asians have a vast conspiracy to take over the United States, possibly by packing millions of people onto a boat and storming our shores and taking over one city at a time. 

I shit you not. It really happened. Please read if you want to laugh. 

First email from her

Hello my name is [redacted]. I follow you on tumblr. I was intending to write you some fan mail after you responded to my post. I am the one who created the post about the Asian migration or expansion thereof. I actually wanted to write to you personally but wasn’t sure if you would respond to my post at all. Of course I’m not trying to impose my prejudice onto you, but see your views on the subject. I would have added more into my question but I am only limited to a max. amount of characters. Now sorry to bring out the worst in you, but getting past my prejudice do you have any views on Asia immigration. I would have liked this to in lue turn I into a friendly discussion or debate

Reply from me

I don’t have any problem with anyone emigrating to the united states as long as they do it legally. I think the U.S. admits 2-3 million people per year legally into our country. 

Asians do typically stick to themselves and hire their own people, but I don’t think there’s necessarily anything wrong with that. White Americans have created a power structure in this company that gives preference to their own people. Minorities (including Asians) typically have a tougher time holding certain positions of power and getting places because the system is not designed for us to have a level playing field with White Americans.
Therefore, Asians (and to a lesser extent, Latinos) have decided to set up support networks and communities to advance themselves.
I’m Black, so I wish Black Americans would do the same thing. Have our own business districts, have our own parts of town where we look out for each other. Give preference to our own people when it comes to hiring for jobs. 
When a minority targets another minority and blames them for societies problems, what they’re doing is ignoring the MUCH larger problem of White supremacy and all of the blatant and subtle ways our country has set up a system for us to fail. White supremacy has done more to stifle your path to success than an Asian choosing to hire another Asian ever could. 
White supremacy ate 99% of the pie and it wants you to fight Asians over a crumb, and you’re doing it. 
Her rebuttal
Seeing as how we are a limited space, do you think 2-3 million people per year are too many? 2-3 million is just legally, not to mention however many more enter into the country as illegal, then like you said some may have connections and hookups when they get here to the americas and they get together with their own people, who will pay them under the table and will be looked over by the system and probably wont be stop, searched, or targeted because they are Asian and for some reason Asian people are not even on the radar because they are Asian???? whats crazy is that my cousin used to do some tutoring online for Asian countries and she said that majority of the people she tutored were trying to learn more about the American culture and what was so crazy about it is that she told me that Asian people almost praise America and idolize their white supremacy, and how they are often trying to be more white. Now my prejudice doesn’t come so much from the Asian equality as it does from, why don’t the Asian culture try to enhance their own land or origin, *if you kindly disregard the fact that all land is free* even though technically we were all found on isolated parts of land. I had just recently started having these thoughts about Asian people after my cousin told me that she went in for a job at a spa that was owned by Asians and she expressed to me how they were blatantly prejudice. My cousin, is cute, looks Asian and speaks full Korean, I would think that they would give her some brownie points. But how funny that they come and try to do the same thing to America that they already failed to do in their country. People come to America for better opportunities, and yet a lot of immigrants not just Asian, come and disrespect the people that are already here. I just feel like the immigrants, some not all come for better opportunities, meaning your country lacks those traits you admire in another and they bring the same ideals from their country into another. On to the black people you are completely right, I agree with you on the fact that black America should stand up and unite with one another, but if you see they really don’t want us to do what the Asians are already doing. I once heard someone say why don’t we have a little Nigeria town? or a little Ghana? I’m not just here talking to you, I am also working on uniting black people, I am currently working for a black employer and I am starting my own business which I will more than likely employ more blacks than anyone else. How absolutely crazy is it that Asian people can move from their country to get away from their own people, to another country where they do nothing but work with each other instead of just taking American customs and applying them to their own governments, since it seems like that’s their people from their countries want anyway. I often try to look for the bigger picture but I guess its different for everyone. For me the bigger picture I visualize is that in about 150 years, more than half of the country wont be ran by white or Mexicans but by Asians. The reason I say this is because if you look at the way the economy is now in the U.S. it is ran by the majority by numbers. The Asians have the numbers, and soon they’ll have the land too, and actually we the blacks can’t blame ourselves can we? I really feel like the U.s. can’t do anything about the immigration so they are doing the only thing they can, fighting fire with fire. The only other race with substancial numbers is the Mexicans so why not let them go head to head???? your views?? balls in your court?? image
My Reply
I really don’t understand why you have such a problem with Asians over other races who are doing the exact same thing. Latinos come to this country and have their own parts of town where they only hire their own people, Middle Easterners and Indians do the exact same thing. And of course, White people, the biggest culprit of all, have been keeping minorities out of certain parts of this country for centuries. And despite all of this… you’re focusing in and singling out Asians, why?
I don’ tknow where you get your facts from, but years down the road Latinos will be the dominant race in America, not Asians. The Asian population in the united states is actually pretty small. 
There are 223 million white americans
There are 38 million Blacks
There are 50 million Latinos
There are only 18 million Asians
Again, they represent such a small segment of the population. They present such a miniscule threat to you in comparison to the White power structure and yet you focus in on them. 
Your assertion that Asians “will have the land too” or “will have the numbers” are false. 
I really don’t know what your problem with Asian people are, but you really have to accept the fact that they are not your biggest threat. They aren’t even your 2nd biggest threat. 
You can’t see the forest for the trees. 
Her last response
I think it is you indeed who can’t see the forest. The trees are just the united states the forest is the world, in which the Asian population has the over all most people. I have taken into consideration all of these different races through my obsession with this. The fact that they are probably trying to get more latinos into this country is probably because before European settlers came, this land belonged to native americans and Mexicans who were already fighting for this country. Now, it’s probably just like shit all the Asian got to do is come over on one big ass boat and boom there goes the rest of the population under Asian control. I don’t really have any problems with Asian. I’ve just been having these thoughts where all of this is blaming blacks is just a major cover up and the Asians are slipping under the radar. Converting our cities one at a time, whether they were previously majorly populated by white, blacks, or latinos. You cannot just sit there and act like you cannot see the united states being over ran by Asian people in the next 150- 200 years. It is very much possible and since we are second up and running for highest population in America now it makes more sense as to why white people are constantly killing off blacks. The white majority probably wants to keep their numbers up for their own gratitude because they know when squared up compared to the Asians they aint got shit on the asians which is again the largest population on the earth, not just the united states, I’m sure white america does it as a pride factor to make themselves feel more superior in the eyes of everyone else in the United States ***again numbers*** 
My last response (I did not email it, I’m just posting it here)
Your mind is a perfect storm of bad ideas, faulty logic, racism, and an education system that failed you as a child. 
The fact that they are probably trying to get more latinos into this country”
Uhh no, they aren’t. Have you been paying attention to the news for the last 20 years? They’re doing everything they can to stop more Latinos from entering the country and they terrorize the ones that do make it. Have you ever heard of Arizona SB 1070? 
all the Asian got to do is come over on one big ass boat and boom there goes the rest of the population under Asian control”
What the fuck is this, a video game? Asians construct a boat capable of carrying millions of people where they crash into American ports and overrun the country. Where does shit like this happen? Fantasy movies? 
I’ve just been having these thoughts where all of this is blaming blacks is just a major cover up and the Asians are slipping under the radar”
Ahh yes, Asians have launched a massive conspiracy theory to put all the focus on Blacks so they can slip under the radar and take over the country. 


I like how this question started off pretty benign and unassuming and slowly devolved into you revealing your own prejudices. 

"What do you think about immigration?"

"Actually, what do you think about Asian immigration"

"To be more specific, what do you think about those dirty fucking Asians sticking to themselves?"

It is very much possible and since we are second up and running for highest population in America now it makes more sense as to why white people are constantly killing off blacks”
I literally just quoted you figures showing that Latinos were the 2nd biggest racial group in America and you ignored it to write this incorrect filth. Do you even read? It has been made painfully obvious throughout this conversation that you do not. 






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